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I am going to share a life changing truth with you.
You can't fix stupid... lol so sad but so true.. the life systems and legal structure you live within are VERY BROKEN VERY MUCH ON PURPOSE.. a stupid system, to keep you broke. 
This is why your kids are messed up, you're messed up, and if you think you are well adjusted, it is no great feat to be well adjusted to a sick society.


You have a Private Law Society Trust - Pays all you need and require.
We are all supposed to have one of these - This is what politicians HIDE FROM YOU!
to have healthy society YOU NEED HEALTHY FAMILIES...

So you and your spouse raise your children to your own community values.. as you are lawful, you harm no one at all in anything you do. You can't kill life.

Your society is called say the I Love Puppies Society.. lets say we rescue animals globally from kill shelters  Lets say we have a million members at 50 bucks a month... we do a newsletter.. save puppies, foster, rehome etc... that is 50 million a month in membership dues... so if you work a job,

you are a victim of slavery... time for a better way... 

Work from home, just wake up, teach freedom, get paid crazy money...

come join the party already... trust me,

I used to be you lol...

Anyone who knows what stockholm syndrome is, time to wake up..

get out of the abusive legal slavery relationship.. peace.

Save Kids
Save Freedom
Be A Hero, Not A Citizen Zero
End Corruption
Self Govern
Honor Veterans
Honor jfk, martin luther king, jesus, etc.
Own yourself
Leave your kids generational wealth
Save puppies and any life on earth you wish
Save the planet, clean it up.
No License for any lawful action.

This is the truth regardless if you believe it or not.
Legal ID makes you a legal person corporation, no longer man or woman in law.


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